The 15 Hottest Katy Perry Photos You’ve Ever Seen

A former gospel singer from California, Katy Perry is all grown up and looking fine. One of the most popular and best-selling singers in the world today, her career has resulted in her winning four different Guinness World Records. Having sold roughly 100-million albums already, despite her relatively short career, she has sold more than people like Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears and even Prince. In short, her career is on fire and shows zero signs of slowing down anytime soon.

While she has a sweet voice that millions of people enjoy listening to, there is zero question that from the beginning of her superstardom the sexual nature of her image played a large role in her success. First turning heads with “I Kissed a Girl,” a song whose title describes it to perfection, her choice to sing about making out with another woman had a lot of people’s imagination running wild. Prone to wearing revealing clothes, and getting her photo taken pretty much wherever she goes, it is safe to say that there are many photos of her looking absolutely alluring. Her beautiful image, and our inability to ever turn away from an opportunity to see her at her best, inspired us to put together this list. If you are like us, then you need to look further at the following photos of Katy at her hottest.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Katy Perry can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular songstress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from music videos or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15. Bed Selfie

via twitter.com

A photo Katy posted on her Twitter account; this is an intimate affair that features her lying in her bed which is one of the sexiest locations to find someone. The place where most of us drop all of our pretences and show nothing but our true selves, we also often wear less clothing there which is always a good thing when it comes to a beauty like this. Also, the spot where most of us get down by far the most, even being allowed to get a view of her while she lies in a bedroom is sexy in and of itself. When you then consider the fact that she seems to only be wearing a slip and it is showing her cleavage from a great angle, this photo truly becomes a masterwork.

14. Tight Dress

via gq.com

Palm trees have become a symbol of everything that makes tropical cities like California look pretty, so it makes perfect sense that they would work great as a part of coverings for an exquisite woman like Perry is. Wearing a skin-tight dress that shows her curves in all their glory, this dress seems to be a staple of her live shows, which we’re guessing her audiences greatly appreciates. While there are several photos of Katy Perry where her legs are mostly on full display, this photo is also definitely one of the best examples of what makes them so great.

13. Stripes

via gq.com

There is just something about a woman with her arms in the air that makes their boobs look amazing, isn’t there? Case in point this photo where Katy can be seen wearing a top that is cut in all the right places while she does just that subtle movement. One of the many sexy  photos that are a part of this list that you can look forward to affording our readers with a view of her glorious cleavage, this is far from just any image of the “I Kissed A Girl” and “Firework” singer. Wearing a black and white striped top (or bathing suit, we’re not really sure), it is equally cut and dry that she looks more than dazzling in this particular shot.

12. Rolling Stone Cover

via rollingstone.com

We know. We know. It just keeps getting better and better. A Rolling Stone cover from August of 2010, they clearly decided to put aside any effort to be subtle here (and we’re glad they did). With the word sex written in bold to her one side, we can see the enchanting singer wearing nothing but her light pink skivvies and a knowing look. Looking as though she is sitting in a vacation locale, this looks like the type of holiday anyone attracted to women would adore. After all, hanging out with Katy Perry wearing next to nothing like this is the type of experience that is priceless and the type of vacation anyone would want to be on.

11. Anatomical Tease

via pinterest.com

Man, does Katy ever love to mess with our minds. Seen here at what appears to be some kind of gala event, her bottoms have confusing spikes on them which does nothing for us but fortunately her top is more than enough to make up for it. Topped off by buds that seem to be stand-ins for her nipples, her chest is instantly front and center in our minds because of what we are practically forced to envision, not that we’re complaining, though. If there was any question as to what made her chose to wear this piece of clothing, the position of her hands put that to rest. With a playful look on her face, she looks prepped to pinch the peaks of her top, which is totally alluring.

10. Roar-tastic

via rebrn.com

A screengrab from the music video for Katy’s hit song “Roar”, in it she can be seen wearing a top that seems to barely be able to keep her massive bosoms in check. While we’re not completely sure if we are looking at a bra or some kind of beige tube top, what we do know is that the garment looks incredible on her. In fact, things are starting to heat up so much, and we’re only at number ten on this list, that we’re having a hard time coming up with words to describe what makes this all so great. We guess we don’t need to as you have your own set of eyes, so let’s sit back together and enjoy this epic view, and the rest of this article.

9. Insta Booty


A photo that Katy chose to share with the world on her Instagram account; it is safe to say that this is exactly what makes social media a worthwhile creation. Out on a bike ride, presumably with a friend who served as the photographer, she opted to share this moment where her dress rose just enough to reveal a peek at her panties. While the majority of the images of her that receive the most attention from the masses focus on her bountiful breasts, including most of the ones found here, we are always happy to give her butt some attention. Looking as though she is bemused by the momentary reveal in the photo itself, her choice of words reveal that she is most definitely in on what she is doing to us. “I know it’s a little cheeky, butt”, amusing words but we are serious about how hot this is.

8. Perfect In Purple

via redditweekly.com

When they put together a launch event for Katy’s fragrance, or perfume as we used to call it, Purr in 2011, the idea was undoubtedly to get people to pay attention to the new product. When she then chose to wear this purple dress that makes other cleavage barring dresses look like rank amateurs in comparison, it changed everything. While there are probably very few of us that pay any attention to the perfume bottle in her hand (had you even noticed it before reading about it here?), this image of her holding it will live for the ages. Ah, who are we kidding? Who gives a crap about her perfume bottle? Her cleavage here is the type of things that can inspire people to write ballads or cross oceans.

7. Santa’s Helper

via reddit.com

Santa Claus is a beloved figure around the world. Almost always pictured in his classic red and white coat, there is one thing he isn’t usually thought of as, sexy. That doesn’t mean his garb can’t be adapted for that purpose, as should be obvious to anyone looking at this photo. Wearing a dress version of the traditional Santa outfit, it just so happens that her version of the suit shows off a whole lot of leg and an ample amount of cleavage, which is always worth celebrating in her case. The principle aspect of this particular image that makes it so noteworthy is the position that she is in that seems entirely inviting. Performing in front of a crowd, you can barely see that there is someone who is actually facing away from her in this moment and that must be a crazy person. If we were lucky enough to be present in this moment we’d be hard pressed to blink, let alone turn away.

6. Soft And Sweet


When Katy Perry put out a music video for her song “California Girls”, it was a candy-obsessed and sticky sweet affair that was likely to put viewers into a diabetic coma. Of course, the powers that be must have realized that they needed to cut the candy factor back a little bit, so, in the midst of it, they opted to include a moment or two of the singer nude. Sure she was lying on a cotton candy cloud and in the official cut, a piece of it was placed in just the right place to cover up her behind, still, a nude Katy is a great Katy, right? An image from the shoot, the cloud piece that was used as a shroud has slid down which means you can get a view of her exposed rump from the top. Never has a bird’s eye view seemed so fantastic.

5. Green Dress

via popsugar.com

A photo of Katy on the 2013 Grammy Awards red carpet, she may not have taken home any trophies that night but there is no question that she was still a huge winner. A dress that is likely to bring back fond memories in the minds of all of us who were first bowled over by it years ago, it is an elegant piece of clothing with a keyhole of fabric missing. Fortunately, for all of us, the location where her flesh is bared means that we get to stare at her cleavage whenever we come across any photos of her that night. In fact, there are even photos of the singer that night where it appears like even she couldn’t stop herself from looking down and enjoying the view. Who can blame her? We wonder how much we could get down in life if we could stop at any moment and look at that, too. Probably not very much.

4. Holding On

via popsugar.com

A photo published by GQ Magazine in 2010, the issue in question featured a similar image on its cover and if you ask us it was a stroke of genius considering it would grab the eye on any newsstand. An overtly sexualized image, she looks so sexy here that it is hard to fathom that she initially started her career as a gospel singer, something she addresses in the accompanying interview. Dressed entirely in black, where she is actually seen wearing clothes, the fact that her bottoms feature many strategic holes allows onlookers a look at her soft skin. Totally topless aside from her hands that are serving as de facto coverings, it is arousing to think that if she only opted to drop them we’d be looking at her totally exposed chest. When you then start to appreciate the come hither look on her face this entire presentation is extraordinary.

3. Boat Ride

via imgur.com

A photo of Katy on a cruise or ship of some sort, it is a private moment that was stolen by a paparazzi and shared with the world. While we find it deplorable to think of that person hiding out with a telescope lens in order to get a photograph of her in this moment, we have to be honest and reveal that we love the results. Pictured in a pink bikini, huge hoop earrings, and a pair of shades, her ensemble is nice but it is the position that she is that earned this image a place on this list and in our hearts. Looking as though she is in the perfect position to be joined by a lover, this is perfect fantasy fodder for anyone who is able to appreciate her obvious beauty. The fact that she looks as though she is having a good time is just one more reason why this photo, in particular, is so hot in our opinions.

2. Beach Babe


Another photo that was published by Rolling Stone, this time around they opted to drop any precepts and just got down to business on a beach. Wearing nothing but a pair of fishnets and pitch-perfect makeup, she looks fantastic but of course, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that it was anything but her nudity that got us going. Totally topless and only covered up by the placement of her arm, we still are afforded a great look at the side of one of her breasts, which is a sight for sore eyes. Additionally, although she is angled so we can’t quite get a view at her rear end, we can see just enough of it to be totally tantalizing. Finally, the look on her face, which you can read a lot of different emotions into, is captivating enough to be interesting but not so much that it steals attention from the rest of her body.

1. Plaster Mastered

via vimeo.com

A screengrab of a video taken for the charitable organization Keep-a-breast.org, it features a totally topless Katy having a mold made of her breasts taken, which was then sold off to benefit the company. While we have to admit that in all likelihood the person who spent the money to get that mold is creepy as hell (what would you do with it?), watching it get made is glorious. Giving anyone who looks at it a fantastic view of what the famous singer is working with, and it seems to be a lot, it feels like just one step shy of true nudity. Additionally, the fact that she has to hold her arms up in the air in order for them to not be covered themselves or ruin the molding process means that we get a great view from pretty much every angle. If you’re a fan of Katy and her fantastic body, then you pretty much have to bow down to whoever convinced her to take part in this charitable effort.

Source: RollingStone, PopSugar, BusinessInsider

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