The Preachers Of LA And Their Combined Net Worth

Preachers of L.A. is reality television series on OxygenPreachers of L.A. follows the lives of three Bishops and three Pastors from their work within the church to their personal lives at home and their millions they make. Ferarri’s, Bentley’s and high dollar houses. We have totaled the net worth of the cast and to give an idea just how big these men of God are rolling, it came out to $33 Million. For a complete breakdown of who makes what we have listed the names below. Click to find out each cast members net worth.

Clarence McClendon Net Worth

Clarence McClendon Net Worth


Deitrick Haddon Net Worth


Jay Haizlip Net Worth



Bishop Noel Jones Net Worth



Ron Gibson Net Worth



Pastor Wayne Chaney Net Worth



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