Pinky The Pornstar Net Worth

Pinky The Pornstar Net Worth


How Much Is Pinky Worth?

Pinky the Pornstar is an African-American adult actress with an estimated net worth of $535 thousand. Sarah Mirabelli in real life, Pinky the Pornstar was born on June 24, 1982. She originated from Oakland California. A self-described unstoppable nymphomaniac, Pinky the Pornstar is best recognized for her ample backside, booty clapping talents, curvaceous body, full scenes with lesbians with matching toys,  and her pink hair. She is considered as one of the most big butt women in the entire porn industry. In one interview, she claimed that on several occasions, she earned over $10,000 in just a single night of stripping.

There were rumors that she was dating the rapper Twista and that she was carrying his child.

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