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Papoose Net Worth

Papoose Net Worth


How Much Is Papoose Worth?

Born Shamele Mackie on March 5th 1978, this American rapper and mixed-tape producer roused the attention of Kay Slay in 2004, who then signed him to his Streetsweepers label. Later, he signed with Jive Records but unfortunately left before releasing an album. He has featured as a guest artist on multiple tracks and broke into the rap game with DJ Kayslay, who helped with the release of his song “Alphabetical Slaughter”in 2005. His debut studio album, The Nacirema Dream saw him release a dozen mix-tapes to keep himself famous.

In May 2008, his efforts to marry Remy Ma in prison failed after attempting to smuggle a prison key on their wedding day. However, Papoose married Ma the next day in the court but was barred from visiting her until six months were over. He has a daughter, Dejanae Mackie and the couple has conjugal visits every six weeks. Remy Ma’s release is scheduled in 2014.

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