Jennifer Lawrence Rushed to Safety After Fans Tear Down The Barrier


Jennifer Lawrence was signing autographs outside of The Late Show With David Letterman on Nov. 12, when fans knocked over the barrier. Credit: Ray Tamarra/WireImage
Jennifer Lawrence is used to running for her life on The Hunger Games, but on Wednesday, Nov. 12, things got a little crazy outside The Late Show With David Letterman, when she stopped for a massive crowd of screaming fans. After signing he autograph, she was moved away from the mass of people by her bodyguards, but she went back to a new section of the crowd to give more autographs. The excitement of her return caused fans to turn over the metal barrier. She was immediately rushed into her car as photographers captured the chaotic scene.


Jennifer Lawrence was protected by her bodyguards and rushed to her private car after fans knocked over the barrier outside of The Late Show With David Letterman on Nov. 12.
Credit: Jack Shea/Starshots/Broadimage

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