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Jamie Oliver Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

How Much Is James Oliver Worth?

His Fifteen restaurants train disadvantaged young people to be chefs; he has taken on Turkey Twizzlers, campaigning for freshly prepared meals in place of the freezer-to-fryer fare served up in British schools, and he taught those as yet untouched by the Jamie effect how to cook proper dinners in the Ministry of Food. He has even tried to trim the fat from American obesity in Food Revolution.

He also built an educational establishment Jamie’s Dream School, where Professor Robert Winston and David Starkey serve as teaching staffs. He was working at London’s River Café when he was spotted by a TV producer. After that, the Naked Chef TV show was aired. His restaurant chain, Jamie’s Italian made a total profit of £1.66m from its £19.4m sales. According to the city analysts, by its name and growth, his restaurant chain would worth £100m. Meanwhile, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, his 70% stake is worth £50m before his expansion from 17 to 27 restaurants has materialized. For his Sainsbury advertising, he earned around £2m in a year while his Jamie Oliver Holdings is estimated to be worth £50m which made a profit of £5.7m from its £18.2m sales. He received around £9m in dividends and salaries from 2004-2009. His other assets include an expanded home at the Primrose hill which he shares with his wife former model Juliette Norton and their four children.

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