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Gary Barlow Net Worth

Net Worth: $61 Million

How Much Is Gary Barlow Worth?

Barlow is the lead singer and songwriter in Take That, who had eight No 1 singles and sold over 15 million albums worldwide between 1992 and 1996, earning £80 million.

From a Manchester working-class background, he honed his skills performing at working men’s clubs. Take That’s revival since they re-formed has probably surprised even Barlow, especially now that Robbie Williams has rejoined the line-up. In November 2010, they released Progress, which became the fastest-selling record of the century for its first-week sales of 519,000. It was the Christmas No1 and the UK’s bestselling album of the year, with sales of more than 1.8 million. It was also a hit throughout Europe.Take That broke another record when more than 1.1 million tickets were sold on a single day for the Progress Live UK tour from May to July 2011.Originally, 14 UK and six European days were announced but numbers were increased to 30 and seven respectively. There are several companies associated with Barlow, including True North Music Co and the band’s Circus Touring, the latter showing £2.2m assets in 2009-10. As the chief songwriter for the original Take That, Barlow would have received a higher proportion of the band’s income than the other members. A six-time Ivor Novello Award recipient, Gary Barlow has sold over 45 million records worldwide with Take That.

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