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The 15 Hottest Babes Of ESPN

ESPN is known for its vast coverage of all things sports, and with a bulky portion of their viewers being male, ESPN has used a unique yet effective tactic to add a little extra something for the countless viewers tuning in daily. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice beer, a sporting game, and a beautiful host to lock onto during the game? Here, we take a look at 15 of the most beautiful women relaying sports information for your viewing pleasure.

From gorgeous Kristine Leahy hosting the emerging ‘American Ninja Warrior’, to Erin Andrews covering football games from the sidelines, there’s no shortage of eye-candy that much is certain. Naturally these women are very aesthetically pleasing, but don’t think they’re just one-trick ponies. These women know their stuff, from statistical data, to breaking news these lavish women relay the information to you as soon as it’s available, that is if you can manage to stop drooling from your couch at their astounding beauty and listen.

Women have been developing roles throughout the entire sports industry, the NBA appointing its first NBA woman official, and MLB appointing a woman coach as well. Bucking all the stereotypes, these women show us how to break down our favorite teams, and they certainly do it with style. In this article we will review some of the hottest and sexiest ESPN female anchors and broadcasters, they are as knowledgeable as they are beautiful, and they have captivated the sports world for obvious reasons. Well there’s only one things left to do, let’s go check these beauties out!

15. Kristine Leahy

via NBC.com

Kristine Leahy is a co-host on Colin Cowherd’s sports talk show The Herd, as well as a co-host on the up-and-coming hit that isAmerican Ninja Warrior. She has worked her way to the top of her respective field. For more than one reason, it’s easy to see why the males, and even females, would decide to watch through a bevy of commercials in hopes to catch even a few seconds of this blonde bombshell on television. She is equal parts funny, intelligent, and obviously attractive. She is relatively knew to the sportscasting/broadcasting field, but it’s safe to say she is making quite a wake in the world of sports. People are finally catching on to the stunning beauty that is Kristine Leahy. It’s not hard to see why she made it onto our list of the hottest sports broadcasters!

14. Erin Andrews

This Dancing with the Stars host has completed a plethora of roles on the nationwide powerhouse ESPN, she can be seen on nationally televised games at halftime, during time-outs, and interviewing players and coaches. However, most might be tuning in for another reason, it’s clear to see that she is very appealing to the eye, having gained notoriety for her good looks, it’s no secret that Andrews has got the attention from all who tune in on Sundays to watch their favorite teams. Since her emergence as a sportscaster and reporter, she has catapulted herself into one of the top reporters for the sport of football, and now other facets of the media.

13. Britt McHenry

via 405media

Notorious for being a bit hostile and rude, she has sass and character! Getting into a few feuds in her time working for ESPN, she has been referred to as a ‘Stuck up, entitled bleach blonde bubblehead!”. There was an infamous incident with a tow truck company that apparently didn’t fancy McHenry’s standards, she publicly berated the company only to later apologize via Twitter. The worldwide leader in sports would suspend Britt McHenry for a week, and publicly condemn the rant that McHenry went on. Even fellow classmates at Northwestern University have claimed that she was all around terrible, stuck up, and entitled. However controversial she may be, she certainly has the good looks to make up for whatever statements she has made on the side.

12. Amanda Pflugrad

via Bobs Blitz

Amanda Pflugrad was named the Boston Celtics’ team television reporter in 2015, and the former Oregon Duck cheerleader has taken the Pac-12 (West Coast Division in Collegiate sports) by storm. Not only attending one of the top collegiate sports programs in the country at Oregon University, she also studied journalism and graduated into her current profession of Sports Reporting. At the youthful age of just 28, she shows a promising future in the sports category of broadcasting. She is a fun, funny, and totally beautiful young woman who is equally intelligent and can more than hold her own on the big stage. Her career as a sports reporter is relatively new, and she has shown that she can handle the role with ease.

11. Samantha Ponder

via Celebrity Curry

Samantha Ponder is an absolute fox from the fiery state of Arizona. Widely recognized for being a host/reporter for ESPNU (Collegiate Focused sister program of ESPN). She also took over Erin Andrews’ spot on the NFL sidelines, as Andrews’ career was taking a turn to other programs, such as the popular show Dancing With The Stars. Ponder has filled the void with vigor as the beautiful and equally talented reporter to work for ESPN. Sports have been a huge part of Samantha Ponder’s life, her father who coaches for the South Sudan national team. She has always followed her passion for all things sports— and she’s pretty easy on the eyes as well!

10. Melanie Collins

via Inside Edition

If you haven’t heard of Melanie Collins prior to this article, you will most certainly see her in the near future. She is an up-and-coming force for women in the sports/journalist field. It certainly doesn’t hurt her chances of making it big time; with a beautiful face that she has, but she has proven herself time and time again and is working her way up the rankings of female journalists. She is just scratching the surface of her bright future, and has interviewed hundreds of big name athletes and coaches alike. No wonder she is gaining quite a following, she’s drop dead gorgeous. Whether you’re listening in to hear her intriguing questions and analyses, or just to get a little eye-candy, Collins’ ratings are on the rise and don’t show any signs of slowing.

9. Alex Curry

This bombshell has an amazing demographic to headline, she hosts LA live sports on Fox Sports West. She mainly covers the Anaheim Angels, and has been laying a foundation for a fruitful career moving forward. She is an absolute diva and her reporting is more than adequate. Living and working in possibly the most advantageous area in Los Angeles, California, she certainly has external factors of such a popular area on her side. Whether she needs it or not, she’s making it all work quite well, capitalizing on her chances and she has solidified her role on Fox Sports West, and emerging facet of ESPN, she is holding down her territory with ease, and beauty of course! It’s not hard to see why she landed herself on our list of smoking hot babes who broadcast!

8. Allie Laforce

via thepostgame.com

Making huge headlines for getting hit-on by superstar athlete Tony Parker from UCLA, complementing her on her bracelet, she has since been launched into the category of female broadcasting and journalism, for more reasons than one. She’s married to MLB relief pitch Joe Smith; so don’t get your hopes up boys! Laforce is ‘forcing’ her way up the ladder and can now be viewed on nationally televised NCAA basketball games amongst other popular sporting events. She is a former Miss Teen Ohio winner, and for obvious reasons, she’s a stone cold fox. Her hard work and dedication has sky-rocketed her into contention and overall landing on our list for smoking hot babes keeping us all extra interested during our favorite sporting events. Not a hard decision placing a beauty like Allie Laforce on our list.

7. Laura Rutledge

via tigerdroppings.com

Laura Rutledge first made her appearance on ESPN’s coverage and partner NCAA program SEC network (Southeastern Conference). The SEC is known for its domination year in and year out in all sports, especially football. They have the largest following statistically in the Southeast when it comes to NCAA football. Laura Rutledge certainly helps as a catalyst and captivating beauty that seems so natural. She has started her climb up the ladder of the Media coverage field, and has made an excellent early start to her increasingly bright career. She got her broadcasting credentials from the University of Florida, where she also took home the ‘Red Barber’ outstanding journalist award. She is certainly beautiful, and definitely has what it takes in the competitive field of journalism/broadcasting.

6. Heidi Watney

via TheSportster.com

Heidi Watney covers the MLB network, she travels a lot with teams and has started to create quite the following for her beauty, and her beautiful reporting. Watney graduated from San Diego University, and has followed her passion for sports broadcasting ever since. She has held down and solidified her concrete role on the MLB network, a sport that has 182 games over an extensive season, Watney is always working and her work ethic is unparalleled. Despite the long and monotonous season of Major League Baseball, Heidi Watney keeps it interesting with her intriguing questions and journalistic skills, as well as her picture perfect face. It’s not hard to tell why she has catapulted herself into the National Spotlight, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

5. Kristen Ledlow

via YouTube.com

Kristen Ledlow has had quite a rocky, and successful ride in her early career of broadcasting. Primarily working through the NBA avenues of the all powerful ESPN, she has been married, had an affair, and continued to produce all the while. She is a pioneer for female anchors and journalists alike, becoming the first female to be hired on an NBA program. She has certainly held it down for all her female counterparts, and she’s looked darn good doing it! Also noted for her Instagram pictures, involving her with several men, it’s not surprising why the males are flocking her way. However fair or unfair the criticism may be, she has certainly made a name for herself as a young, sexy, and knowledgeable reporter in her field.

4. Lauren Gardner

Lauren Gardner is hired by CBS sports, another powerhouse in the Media and sports field. She can be seen behind a desk analyzing future sporting events, or even on the sideline completing game time interviews with coaches and players. Not surprisingly, she was a Denver Broncos cheerleader, before ultimately capturing her dream of leaving the sidelines as a cheerleader, to a top-notch reporter for CBS. She has always been a diverse character, and it was always a dream for her to be able to fly around the world and actually has her pilot’s license. She’s easy on the eyes, driven in all areas of her life, and has taken the sporting world by surprise with her several talents. She’s young, and ready to continue her bright future in the broadcasting world. She has started getting a large following in social media, which certainly can’t hurt.

3. Jenny Dell

via Flikr

Jenny Dell is a sports broadcaster for CBS, who previously covered one of the most popular teams in MLB sports, the Boston Red Sox. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) with a degree in traveling management. Since the MLB requires so much travel (82 games on the road), she has the perfect background and pre-requisites needed to become a polarizing and popular broadcaster. Will Middlebrooks, the stud MLB player on the Boston Red Sox is actually Jenna’s boyfriend, sorry guys. These two have made a splash for a pop-culture couple.

2. Cari Champion

via Heavy.com

Starting in her first program, the extremely popular ESPN First Take, Cari Champion’s career took off in the best way possible. She has since been promoted and now is a sporting news anchor at ESPN, hosting primetime shows, and with her beauty, she more than deserves a spot on our list. Cari Champion knows her stuff, as she’s incredibly knowledgeable and equally gorgeous, she has propelled herself into the Limelight and pinnacle of her field. Getting her degree at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) with a degree in English. No surprise that she is so talented and fluent with her verbiage, but with her looks, she truly is the ultimate package when it comes to beautiful women in broadcasting.

1. Charissa Thompson

via YouTube.com

Charissa Thompson has made her way into the national spotlight, co-hosting on CBS and FOX Sports 1, (a brother channel for FOX Sports). She has solidified her spot in the broadcasting world, hosting a plethora of sporting events, interviews, and post-game analysis for all viewers to enjoy, even if they’re just drooling over her beauty. Getting her degree at the University of Santa Barbara in Southern California, she has since been doing quite well, posing for bikini shoots— and why not with that bod? She has a very promising future, and shows know signs of slowing down, and even if she does, she can do just fine as a model with that perfect smile!

Sources: ESPN.com, thebiglead.comfoxsports.comCBSsports.com

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