15 Must-See Photos Of Kim Kardashian From Back When She Was Hot

There have been many stages to Kim Kardashian’s transformation to fashion superstar. Some love the new Kim, who is the ultimate prima donna, wearing (or not wearing) whatever she wants. She seems to have a permanent mask of makeup plastered on her face and before her skyrocket ride to fame, she contained a few modicums of modesty.

The old Kim had a semblance of innocence about her that may not have really existed, but at least it appeared to. Kim loves the limelight and has always wanted to be in it, but now that she has it 24/7 she has lost her levity somewhere along the way. There was something attractive about the young Kim where she is seen smiling authentically in pictures instead of her gradual adoption of what’s in between a smirk and a mechanical wrinkle in her lips.

Her natural beauty has always permeated the archaic, reptilian brains of men, but there was something much more appealing about Kim before she doused herself in makeup and knew that she was so desirable. In her 20s she had a leaner physique and didn’t have as much meat to flaunt. It is hard to find skimpy clothing on Kim before 2007, but she still had a genetic appearance that competes with the more voluptuous, manufactured one she carries today.

16. 2007 Hollywood Party

Via posh24.com

Here Kim is captured at a Hollywood party in 2007 about a year after her and Ray J’s tape had surfaced and went viral. It was right before the debut of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Glowing skin with a dab of makeup mixes down to this diva on the frontier of international fame. After the reality show comes out following her and her family’s life, she almost never seems to be caught without a heavy dose of eye shadow or mascara. She needed to be ready for T.V. or the paparazzi at all times. The way Kim begins to present herself as an increasingly plastic, self-absorbed person reflects a negative message that many impressionable girls receive. I have a feeling she isn’t thinking about that in this photo though.

15. 2006 NFL Draft Party

Via lifeandstyle.com

Kim stands in front of the backdrop for PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006 for Matt Leinart’s NFL Draft party. She looks quite desirable with her form-hugging dress and luscious lips. She hasn’t quite developed her trademark backside yet and presents more of a youthful elegance. Apparently this is before her nose job which is hardly even recognizable unless before and after images are compared with scrutiny. She’s smiling here, which is something that becomes rare after she transforms into the most talked about woman in America besides maybe Hillary Clinton. Matt Leinart was a teammate of Reggie Bush before being drafted into the NFL so that is the only explanation why Kim would be invited to that party. However, they didn’t date until 2007 so it begs one to ask why she was there.

14. 2006 ESPY Awards

Via popsugar.com

Here the fashion queen accompanies her step dad Bruce Jenner to the ESPY Awards in 2006. There’s no denying her astounding figure in another dress that contours to the 26-year-old’s body. She has a semblance of Salma Hayek in this picture and looks into the camera almost as if to say “I know I’m hot.” She has a slenderness here that she eventually loses to a much curvier figure. Everyone has different preferences with regards to the younger Kim and the transformed superstar Kim. It is thought that at this time the centerpiece of the Kardashian family dated Nick Lachey, who was a member of the boy band 98 Degrees. The relationship lasted only a few months which seemed pretty common for the young Kardashian.

13. 2007 Kimora Lee Simmon’s Launch Event


The rising starlet is shown here reaching for the rafters of success as she attends Kimora Lee Simmon’s high end collection launch event during LA Fashion Week in Los Angeles, 2007. The top she is wearing is actually fairly modest compared to what she wears nowadays. She knew and still knows how to get the attention of men and she does a great job at it. Before she hit superstardom she mainly kept her clothes on and didn’t go overboard with cleavage. Today she makes a new fashion statement every week and the latest have been very controversial with her bra-less, see-through shirts. It’s hard to say whether or not this is before or after she made her infamous sex tape which has racked up millions of views.

12. 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Event

VIa www.bustle.com

Showing off what she will later become a household name for, Kim flashes her sexy figure to the camera, a figure which looks remarkably thinner than it is today, and not just because she’s had two kids. In this photo she is attending a Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter Fashion Event in 2007. Her complexion looks great and it still looks like this is before any type of plastic surgery. This is some time after her fling with R&B artist Marques Houston. The two reportedly dated for a week or two and then Kim dated hip hop artist Shad Moss, also known as Bow Wow. These are only two of the men she was seen with in 2007 before she hooked up with her love, Reggie Bush. Bow Wow and Kardashian were said to have been together for at least a few months but it is not certain.

11. 2008 PURE Nightclub


Kardashian shows a bit of class in this photo with a dab of sultry confidence. She visits the PURE Nightclub again in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was invited by The Pussycat Dolls to perform onstage with them. People claim she has no talents and that may be so, however she seems to know all the right people to market her assets. This was around the time she began rocketing to the limelight from her sex tape with former love, Ray J. She had wanted fame since she was a little girl and she was in the public eye at this point, however making an x-rated video doesn’t seem to be the way most people would want to go about achieving fame. She’s on her way to becoming a fashion trend setter in this photo and the image oriented drive she harbored had only begun to manifest.

10. 2009, GQ Photoshoot With Boyfriend Reggie Bush


Seen here with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kim poses during a photoshoot for GQ magazine in 2009. The photo of Kim is hard to dislike as a male and gives an impossible comparison to any female. She appears to begin her development into the curvier version of Kim as her body is a little thicker around the hips. Her face looks a lot more like it is today which may be due to surgery. This is toward the end of her and Bush’s 2-year relationship. Shortly after the two parted ways, Kim is said to have linked up with hip hop artist 50 Cent. The duration is unknown other than that it was a short lived relationship. At the time it seemed like a big deal that she stayed with one person for 2 whole years.

9. Premiere of HBO Series ‘Entourage’ in Hollywood California, 2006


Paris Hilton used to be Kim’s BFF but they had huge falling out some time in 2005. The photo was taken at the Premiere of the HBO series Entourage in Hollywood, California in 2006. They seemed to have made up here, however their relationship was never the same. There’s no question that ‘The Wife of Pablo’ looks amazing with her revealing dress and skin complexion that is sought after by every woman in America. Hilton has recently claimed credit for Kardashian’s fame as Paris was at the peak of her fame for the last few years of their friendship. Even though she doesn’t have the height that Hilton does, Kim clearly blows her out of the water in terms of appearance. The craving these two have for attention and the limelight make them a likely pair of friends. Too bad it didn’t work out.

8. 2006 Dom Perignon Champagne Launch Party


The picture above is of the fashion diva on June 2nd 2006 at a launch party for Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 1994 Champagne by Karl Lagerfield in Beverly Hills, California. Her youthful face is  unweathered and her entire visage contains more innocence than her 2016 version. She has a revealing top but it seems like there’s not as much to reveal as she has years later. This is sometime around when Kim and Nick Cannon ended their year-long relationship. Cannon is one of four guys she is known to have been with that year. Even at 26 years old Kim is already in the celebrity circle. Nick Cannon may have been just another celebrity stepping stone for her on her determined destination of international fame.

7. 2007 Akademics and Disturbing the Peace Reception
Via abc7.com

Kim went to the Akademics and Disturbing the Peace reception hosted by Ludacris in Hollywood, California on June 24th, 2007. Flaunting a look between the old Kim and the new, she looks voluptuous here but in a somewhat modest type of way. There’s no see-through dress with a thong underneath, only a moderately varnished rising star that hasn’t reached the level of power where she can do anything she wants. One thing about Kim is she knew how to play her pleasant features into establishing good connections in a world where it’s not so much what you do but rather who you know.

6. 2007 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

Via jolt24.com

Nick Cannon, shown here with Kim Kardashian, was reamed for posting this photo to his Instagram this year. She looks like she’s at or close to her best in terms of physical appearance and Nick probably had a feeling he might be able to nudge is way back into Kim’s life as he remembered their expired relationship. The picture is a decade old and people chastised him for bringing up something that could tangle into Kim and Kanye West’s marriage. The two are photographed here at a Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party in 2007. The caption on Cannon’s Instagram said, “#tbt Kim look like she was so over my Bullsh*t here LOL.” Nick, I have to say that’s a very distasteful thing to do.

5. Young Kim in 2006

Via thestir.com

Kim looks very attractive and almost pure in this picture. She is wearing modest clothing and has a disarming smile on her face that is much more characteristic of her in her youth. To me she is most desirable in this picture because I tend to like girls that behave. However, to each their own. She is said to have been a big fan of and admirer of Jennifer Lopez, especially because of the self-confidence she displayed with her big booty. It is unclear where Kim is here, but the contrast from then and now is at the least interesting.

4. Kardashian Sisters in 2007

Via hiddenplaybook.com

The Kardashian sisters are seen together sometime between 2006 and 2007. Kourtney looks tiny and Chloe looks healthy and pretty attractive. Kim looks like she’s on another level in terms of her makeup and jewelry. She nevertheless looks great and this is one of few pictures where she’s seen in a bikini before 2007. A childhood friend of Kim reported how important it was for Kim to be thin and she was constantly dieting to keep her small figure. The two mostly did the Atkins and South Beach Diet. She also recalled a time when Kim consulted with a plastic surgeon to get a nose job at 13 years old, but he told her that he wouldn’t do it because she didn’t need it. Oh, how times have changed for all three sisters…

3. 2009 LIV Nightclub

Via abc7.com

On November 20th, 2009 Kim was accompanied by her mother, Kris Jenner to the Hpnotiq Night School for Girls event at LIV Nightclub at Fontainebleau in Miami. Heading towards her super stardom, Kim is nestled in the crest of fame around this time. She is wearing a lot of makeup as she will be known to do in the coming years but with that being said still looks fantastic. It’s a relief to know that she’s capable of wearing a top where her chest isn’t hanging out at this time in her life anyways. This is when she was beginning to receive loads of attention for being a social icon as well being known as Ray J’s video star.

2. 2008 Style Your Slim Fashion Show


Young Kim K is shown here in 2008 with her mother at the Style Your Slim fashion show sponsored by Slim Fast. Hosted by Rachel Hunter to aid Dress for Success, the show was held in Hollywood, California on June 8th, 2008. Kim appears to be in the middle of a laugh in the photo and it definitely suits her. She also seems to be developing the rump that is becoming quite conspicuous in the best possible way. The sleeves on the dress she’s wearing are questionable if you asked me, but you can feel free to disagree. She has a certain knack for knowing how to continuously be provocative and every girl that calls her a slut may have a point, but there’s also the likelihood that they’re just jealous.

1. 2007 Playboy Photo Shoot

Via nydailynews.com

In 2007, Kim participated in a Playboy photo shoot at the Playboy Mansion. She posted one to her Instagram in a skimpy Christmas outfit in December of 2015, but Hugh Hefner saved the remaining collection of stills that Kardashian took from the shoot. I retrieved this one, which is the only one among many that is appropriate to show to the public. The others had some sort of nudity in it and this picture is not far from being censored. I’m sure this is what any hetero male wants to see when browsing a young Kim’s hottest pics, but this is the only photo that is truly revealing. Back in the day Kim really didn’t show too much more than some cleavage and a progressively carnal look in her eyes.

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