15 Hottest WWE Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following


With social media a miracle of modern technology, the likes of Facebook and Twitter are the perfect tool for a WWE performer to keep their fans up to date with what they’re up to. And then there’s Instagram. Rather than lengthy Facebook statuses or 140 character Tweets, Instagram is simple and to the point: photos, photos everywhere!

Now whilst some WWE superstars use Instagram to share fan art, show off which corner of the globe they’re currently exploring, give fans a glimpse at their family life, celebrate achievements and landmarks, or just simply delve into regular, everyday mundanity such as pets and food, there are some WWE talents who like to use Instagram to show off their raunchier and sexier sides.

For every post showing a protein bar or workout regime, some superstars, both male and female, like to share out some scantily-clad, steamy picture that will get the blood racing amongst their fans and followers. And it’s those superstars who are focussed on here. In fact, think of this as a little guide as to which WWE names you need to be adding to your “following” list.

With all of that in mind, here’s the 15 sexiest WWE talents who you simply need to make sure that you’re following on Instagram. So load up the photo-driven social media site, have a read of this here article, and be sure to have your follow button at the ready, as we delve into some of the most must-see Instagram accounts out there.

15. Becky Lynch – @beckylynchwwe


When it comes to in-ring talent, there are very few women in the world who are as talented as the Irish Lass Kicker. Simply put, she is one of the most technically-sound females to step between the ropes in many a year. And when it comes to her Instagram account, Becky Lynch isn’t afraid to show more of her sexy side.

As SmackDown’s current Women’s Champion, Becky is no-nonsense in suplexing her opponents over and over again before ultimately making them tap out to her patented Dis-Arm-Her. But while her in-ring style is explosive and aggressive, taking no prisoners, her character is often a jovial, energetic one, and that’s something that definitely comes through on her social media pages.

Becky Balboa may not be as frequent as some of her cohorts when it comes to the scantily-clad, photoshoot style posts and pictures, but the charm of the Irish is certainly with this Dublin-born bombshell.

14. Carmella – @carmellawwe


Another four weeks done with @flattummytea. Have you all felt this bloat-free feeling? If not, you have to check it out! Flattummytea.com

A photo posted by P R I N C E S S 👑 M E L L A (@carmellawwe) on Oct 10, 2016 at 3:02pm PDT

Second generation grappler Carmella loves a regular Instagram post. And not just any post, for she also tends to make sure she’s in minimal clothing on a good percentage of her pictures.

Now on the SmackDown brand, the Princess of Staten Island may be portrayed as a nefarious bad girl who is only out for herself, but Carmella’s Instagram page features nothing but smiles from the real-life other half of Colin Cassady. Whether she’s working out, promoting health products, getting up to shenanigans as one half of “Baymella”, or just having some down time with Cass, Carmella is happy to share her life with her ever-expanding fanbase.

As for any hot-blooded males who’ve got their eye on Carmella, there’s plenty to take in on her Instagram page. The only problem with this sexy SmackDown superstar is that any would-be suitors would have to answer to Big Cass… and that’s enough to turn any man S.A.W.F.T.

13. Charlotte – @charlottewwe


To be the 👑… You have to beat the 👑. #WWEVienna

A photo posted by Ms. Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on Nov 10, 2016 at 7:33am PST

One of her tag lines is “If you’re going to do it, do it with Flair”, and there’s a whole lot of people out there who’d like to dosomething with Charlotte.

For the most part, this three-time Women’s Champion tends to bombard her Instagram account with workout pictures, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t show her softer side, too. In fact, some fans have taken exception to how The Queen is so eager to show her being best pals with the likes of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley when her on-screen character has often been at war with those girls. Either way, this is her personal page and so she’s obviously entitled to post whatever she so chooses.

While all of the women on this list could likely kick the ass of many who are reading this, Charlotte is on a different level. A strong, powerful presence in every possible way, the daughter of the legendary Nature Boy is carving out a legacy all of her own, and she is certainly doing it with her own unique brand of Flair.

12. Renee Young – @reneeyoungwwe


Oh hay #WWEGlasgow!! Make sure to catch #TalkingSmack tonight 🚦

A photo posted by Renee Young (@reneeyoungwwe) on Nov 8, 2016 at 11:36am PST

Yes, yes, yes, Renee Young isn’t an actual WWE wrestler, but she still comes under the WWE umbrella and is most certainly worthy of inclusion on this list.

For those of us who remember Renee from her pre-WWE days of hosting Aftermath TV, this chirpy Canadian has always had a certain charm, quirkiness and appeal. She just seems like such a bubbly, happy soul to be around, and she’s also absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, as highlighted in her regular and frequent Instagram posts.

With a cute and slightly nerdy edge, Renee is one of the sexiest people on WWE TV these days, and the fact that she appears on so many WWE shows is only a good thing. Of course, in real-life she’s currently dating the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, and anybody who’s familiar with Ambrose’s Jon Moxley days will be well advised to hold off on leering too longingly over Renee.

11. Summer Rae – @daniellemoinet

I refuse to believe that summer is over!! 🙅🏼😩🙅🏼 #itssummertime

A photo posted by 🔹Summer Rae🔹 (@daniellemoinet) on Sep 5, 2016 at 8:07pm PDT

Now she may not be a regular part of WWE programming these days, with her having been barely seen since the roster split, but that’s not to say that Summer Rae isn’t managing a hectic schedule outside the ring, as documented on her Instagram page.

Under her real name of Danielle Moinet, Summer is making sure it’s constantly sunny days for her fans and followers, often posting pictures of her modelling work. And yes, said modelling work usually ends up revolving around bikinis and revealing outfits.

When it comes to in-ring talent, Summer Rae is often underestimated and underappreciated by some – even though her previous work in NXT showed how good she can be when afforded the opportunity – but her Instagram activity will make a fan of any doubters out there.

Summer itself may well be long gone, so the least you can do is console yourself with the always-hot photos of Summer Rae.

10. Fandango – @wwefandango


Miss My OG dance partner !

A photo posted by Fandango (@wwefandango) on Sep 4, 2016 at 3:26pm PDT

His tag team partner may be known as Prince Pretty, but Fandango is no slouch himself when it comes to making people get hot under the collar.

The real-life Johnny Curtis is one of the most handsome superstars on the roster – and that’s coming from a completely straight male. Let’s face it, Curtis is a looker, and his Ken doll-esque physique is enough to make many a wrestling fan swoon. Added to that, he always comes across as a super-friendly, genuinely fun guy in any and all interviews you see him in.

What’s great about ‘Dango’s Instagram page is that he always looks like he’s having a great time regardless of what he’s up to. From backstage selfies with Tyler Breeze, to touring the world, to throwing it back to memories of his pre-WWE days, this is one performer who looks to be having a whale of a time with life. And annoyingly for us average Joes, he looks pretty darn magnificent whilst doing so.

9. Dolph Ziggler – @heelziggler


#summerslam here we go! Thanks @gwrestlewear & #SaintEdward #EagleClub #DontTreadOnMe

A photo posted by Dolph Ziggler (@heelziggler) on Aug 21, 2016 at 5:16pm PDT

The current Intercontinental Champion is one of the busiest WWE superstars when it comes to any and all social media pages, and Instagram is no different.

Regardless of what the WWE does or doesn’t do with Dolph Ziggler, it seems that the fans just won’t stop getting behind this former World Champion. He can spend months floundering in the depths of lower-midcard hell, doing nothing of note and not even being allowed to have decent length matches, yet the fans still don’t give up on Dolph. And that’s reflected in his Instagram followers, which currently stand at over the 2 million mark.

When it comes to the sexiest WWE Instagram accounts, those with a soft spot for stonewash jeans, ‘80s hair metal, and fauxShawn Michaels gear could do far worse than hunt down Dolph Ziggler. Like the front man that Mötley Crüe never had, Dolph and his antics make for one mighty entertaining Instagram page, and the hot and sweaty shots of him in nothing but his wrestling gear will tick plenty of boxes for a whole host of people.

8. Sasha Banks – @sashabankswwe


I am Catwoman. Hear me roar. @fashionnova use SashaXo

A photo posted by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on Oct 26, 2016 at 4:01pm PDT

7. Tyler Breeze – @mmmgorgeous

Whilst others may constantly post gym selfies, and some may constantly post photoshoot shots, Sasha Banks is a WWE talent who likes to mix it up when it comes to her Instagram account.

The diminutive but fierce Legit Boss of the women’s roster, Banks loves to share her personal hobbies and interests with her followers, all while looking absolutely stunning in the process. As a fan of manga, anime, K-Pop and seemingly all elements of Asian pop culture, the Boston native appeals to so many of us nerds out there. And just to get us all on side even more, Banks loves to post retro wrestling images, particularly involving the legendary Eddie Guerrero.

Unfortunately for Sasha she’s recently lost the Raw Women’s Championship to Charlotte, but if she continues to post the sort of images that she has been, there’s no chance that she’ll be losing any Instagram followers any time soon.

Behind the scenes

A photo posted by Tyler Breeze (@mmmgorgeous) on Aug 26, 2016 at 8:39am PDT

What would any sort of sexy social media-driven article be without Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze?

The King of Cuteville is certainly topping the polls when it comes to living up to his “mmmmmm gorgeous” mantra. But not only is Breeze’s Instagram page full of pictures of himself and tag partner Fandango pouting and perfecting their ‘blue steel’, he’s also keen on sharing pictures of his faithful pet pooch. And let’s face it, everybody loves a good pet picture!

Even though he’s maybe not in as high a position on the SmackDown Live card as his fans would like, this Lance Storm-trained Canadian is one huge talent in the ring. Similarly, just like how he’s a constantly entertaining presence whenever he turns up on WWE programming, Tyler’s social media pages are always interesting and fun, and those with an attraction to Prince Pretty will definitely be pleased with what they find on his Instagram.

6. The Rock – @therock


Who doesn’t love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? The hulking People’s Champion has been more successful than anyone when it comes to crossing over from the wrestling world to mainstream media, easily making the transition from the squared circle to Hollwyood and beyond.

Whether you view him as a wrestler, a movie star, an entrepreneur, a role model, or simply some eye candy, there’s just something infinitely likeable and engaging about this ten-time World Champion. And much like Johnson himself, his Instagram account is just as interesting and entertaining.

In amongst the images and a whole host of videos, The Rock is certainly eager to show off his chiselled frame for those who like to ogle the man named 2016’s highest paid actor. As well as that, the charismatic Johnson makes even the simplest and most mundane moments of everyday life seem ridiculously entertaining. After all, as he puts it himself, he is the most electrifying man in all entertainment.

5. Paige – @realpaigeWWE


She may not have been on WWE TV for a while, and her future with the company seems to be a little up in the air these days, but that doesn’t mean that Paige isn’t still one of the most active superstars on social media. Even recent surgery hasn’t stopped The Anti-Diva from keeping her fans up to date with her everyday happenings.

Even though Paige has often tagged herself with the aforementioned “Anti-Diva” moniker, she seems to spend an awful lot of time living up to what would classify as the perfect WWE “Diva” when it comes to her social media pages. Self-indulgent photo opps? Tick. Flaunting a little bit of the goods? Tick. Suggestive posing? Tick. Pouting a-plenty? Double tick.

Paige is one of the hottest women under WWE contract, and she sure isn’t afraid to play up to the camera and her millions of followers across social media.

4. Nikki Bella – @thenikkibella


Ready to get my live tweet on! Twitter @bellatwins using the #TotalBellas hashtag 💋👯🍾🍷

A photo posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on Oct 19, 2016 at 5:00pm PDT

When it comes to WWE superstars on Instagram, they likely don’t get any more smoking hot than Nikki Bella’s account.

Full of fashion shoots, workout pictures, scantily-clad selfies, and some self-indulgent close-ups of Nikki’s cleavage, the former Divas Champion’s Insta page is one that’s sure to get the blood pumping amongst many. She may be the other half of WWE poster boy John Cena, but that doesn’t seem to stop Nikki sharing herself with her legion of fans. In fact, this SmackDown Live superstar usually takes to her Instagram page several times a day to keep us all up to date on just what she’s been up to.

Whether you’re a fan of Nikki Bella’s in-ring work – which, to her huge credit, has improved majorly over the past few years – you can’t help deny that this half of the Bella Twins isn’t shy of showing off her sexy side when it comes to social media and, in particularly, her Instagram account.

3. Eva Marie – @natalieevamarie


Sure, we can all agree that Eva Marie absolutely sucks in the ring, but that’s not to say that this former fitness model isn’t one to keep an eye on when it comes to Instagram. In fact, she’s hard to keep your eyes off when it comes to her social media presence.

As extremely horrible as she is in the ring, Eva is just as extremely sexy out of it. All Red Everything (who recently has actually scrapped the red hair in favour of a darker look) certainly isn’t shy with sharing her everyday goings on… which largely seems to be made up of taking scantily-clad selfies at the gym, beach, and glitzy showbiz events.

Eva has just finished shooting a movie, Inconceivable, with Nicolas Cage, and so her return to SmackDown Live is imminent. Ahead of that return, you could do far worse than check out this sultry superstar’s Instagram page to remind yourself of her unique charms.

2. Lana – @thelanawwe


#Goodmorning #Canada 🇨🇦 go follow me on #SnapChat @thelanawwe #wwecalgary

A photo posted by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Oct 15, 2016 at 10:54am PDT

Even before she was ever signed to a WWE contract, CJ “Lana” Perry was never shy of showing off her body. Whether that was in movies or modelling shoots, Lana was keen to display her beauty, and a lot of the time clothes would be kept to a minimum. Since becoming a WWE talent, not much has changed on that front.

Obviously the Ravishing Russian is now the very real wife of the hulking Rusev, but that doesn’t stop her from updating her followers with a glutton of revealing photos on a daily basis. In fact, if you look through the sultry Lana’s Instagram page, there’s pretty much more photos of her in a bikini or underwear than there is of her fully clothed.

Lana is absolutely stunning, and she wants the world to know that. Luckily for her, there’s more than enough people clamouring to see what delights this actor/model/manager/wrestler will show the world next.

1. Emma – @emmalution

No diving… Photo: @christian_avantifoto MUA: @mua_vanessa_marie Hair: @lizzfer Bikini: @dollswimwear

A photo posted by Emma – WWE (@emmalution) on Sep 1, 2016 at 5:19pm PDT

Returning to WWE TV as “Emmalina”, this Australian superstar is one of the hottest talents under the WWE umbrella.

To a wrestling company, Emma is the absolutely perfect talent. Not only is she breathtakingly gorgeous, but she’s also a phenomenal wrestler, with her having spent some time training up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the iconic Lance Storm. And not content with being smoking hot and hugely skilled between the ropes, Emma is also a cooking expert who has her ownYouTube channel to show off her culinary skills.

Sexy, funny, a great cook, and an expert grappler? Yeah, Emma really is the ultimate catch. And to think, Zack Ryder is the lucky son of a gun who gets to call Emma his other half. Fair play to the Long Island Iced Z, he’s landed himself one of the hottest women in the wrestling business. Woo, woo, woo – you know it!

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