15 Hottest Photos Of WWE’s Alexa Bliss

Female wrestling as presented by the WWE has certainly taken a turn in the last two years. Go back 40 years ago and women were not judged on their looks as husky, average looking gals in ill-fitting one-piece swimsuits took on each other. Go back 20 years and you’re at the genesis of the Attitude Era. Women were no longer called women. They were divas. “Wrestling” became largely a sideshow to see who had the most freakishly large boobs. Titles changed in pudding matches and nobody took anyone except Lita and Trish Stratus seriously.

It took four women at NXT, a promoter willing to be open-minded and an audience wanting something different to change the face of women’s’ wrestling. There’s no doubt Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch will be seen as pioneers, but once they headed to the main roster it was up to a new crop of NXT women to prove the Four Horsewomen were not a fluke and that can be an ever more daunting job. There was no question a seasoned pro like Asuka would shine, but what about Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexis Bliss? None of them had the years on the independent circuit like Sasha or Becky.

Thankfully, they gave us good matches with compelling storylines. Proof? All three are now plying their trade with the main roster. Camella has done well and Nia Jax is still being built as a monster, but the MVP out of the gate is undeniably Alexa Bliss. She made an impact almost immediately being seen as a darkhorse contender for the new Smackdown women’s’ title in the six-pack challenger to declare the first champion. She didn’t win that match, but she immediately forced herself into a storyline with champion Becky Lynch. If matches were based on looks, Bliss would have won every match she’s ever been in. Say what you will about all of the new women in WWE, but when it comes to the sexiest, you’re insane if Alexa Bliss not at the top of your list. She’s our entire list.

15. A hotter Harley Quinn than most

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Halloween parties were what taught us that some of the ladies we knew were totally hot, but it wasn’t until cosplay became a thing that we saw exactly how hot the females were who don’t get invited to those parties. We were thinking they just sat at home reading Sylvia Plath and acting asexual, but it turns out behind those glasses and those ill-fitting jeans is a total hottie who likes comic books and video games. The perfect girls were right in front of our eyes all of those years and it took cosplay to reveal the secret. We don’t know enough about Alexis Bliss’ grades or her hobbies, but she nails the cosplay thing with her version of Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad. Yes, it’s a bit played out since the movie, but if there’s one woman who is still pulling it off in style it’s our favorite pint-sized beauty from the Smackdown brand.

14. A beautiful day in the neighborhood

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There’s this urban legend that the “Girl Next Door” is your average blonde-haired, doe-eyed sex freak under a normal, yet tantalizing exterior. Playboy magazine made billions on that idea for the more than half a century. In looking at the current crop of WWE womens’ wrestlers, there are very few who give off that vixen-masquerading-as-hot-chick vibe more than Alexa Bliss. We didn’t grow up living next door to girls with hair like Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch. We didn’t grow up next to girls whose fathers were the greatest wrestler of all time like Charlotte. Sure, Bayley looks like the girl who actually lives next door to you, but Alexa is the one we wish was there. Since it’s never going to happen we might as well go all the way and hope she’d do us the solid by leaving her bedroom curtain and window open at night…so we could hear her beautiful voice. That’s all.

13. The smaller, the better

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We’ll admit it, we have a thing for petite girls and although it may not be recognizable on television, Alexa Bliss is a tiny gal, billed as being five feet, one-inch tall and weighing 102 pounds. We think those numbers are inflated almost as grossly as Andre The Giant’s statistics were. Take a look at this picture of Bliss with a couple of her co-workers. Aside from the fact they all look smoking hot in their church clothes, check out how tiny our Alexa is. Bayley is billed as being five-feet, six inches tall and 119 pounds. Sasha Banks is billed as being five-feet, five inches tall and 114 pounds. First off, Bayley is far more than five pounds heavier than Sasha Banks and both tower over Alexa Bliss. We’re not as good as the guy at the carnival, so we’re not going to claim to be experts on guessing weight or height, but we’d wager a week’s salary she doesn’t reach five feet or weigh over 100 pounds.

12. The ‘It’ Factor

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For anybody to succeed in wrestling, they need to have that “it” factor and beyond just possessing it, you need to know how to harness it for the best possible result. The greats in the business like Ric Flair, John Cena and Trish Stratus all had this ability and while it’s still very early in her career, we think that people will be talking about Alexa Bliss as one of these people a decade from now. She’s already getting magazine covers. Back in 2011, when she was 19 years old, she wrote her own biography for a bodybuilding website and instead of talking about what her training regimen was, Lexi Kaufman talked about showmanship and her budding bikini designing business. “When it comes to competing it’s all about how you present yourself on stage. All girls are very beautiful inside and out. It is important for me to design beautiful suits for the competitor so she feels her best and performs on stage.” She already had a wrestling mindset and she was still a couple years away from being signed by the WWE.

11. She cares a lot about her body

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It’s common knowledge WWE found Alexis Kaufman on the bodybuilding/fitness circuit but what’s not always known is that she was quickly becoming one of the best competitors in the country. A Columbus, Ohio, native, Kaufman started in regional competitions as an 18-year-old, capturing first place in both the Ohio and Great Lakes Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships in 2010. This success out of the gate earned her national notice and by age 19 she was competing professionally throughout America. Her success is 2011 was unparalleled in the industry, capturing first place at the IFBB North American Championships and NPC Teen Collegiate Masters National Championships. She also finished second at the NPC Junior National Championships. By 2012, she’d made it to the most elite shows, like the Arnold Classic. Signed in 2013, her competition days were over, but while she was there, she was one of the best.

10. There’s a Goldust somewhere in there

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We mentioned how cosplay taught us that the geeky girls were smoking hot earlier in this list but with every Princess Leia, Harley Quinn or Black Widow walking the aisles of a comic-con, we’ve been left to wonder why nobody does cosplay with wrestling. Take just a second and think about all of the fantastic, over-the-top characters the WWE has produced over the years. How are we not getting guys showing up as The Undertaker or Hulk Hogan? More importantly, why aren’t the ladies showing up looking like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks or Alexa Bliss? Alexa has taken it upon herself to break the time-space wrestling cosplay continuum by being a person who should be cosplayed cosplaying someone who should also be cosplayed. Her take on Goldustis a wrestling cosplay holy grail. We’re just super thankful it was Bliss who donned the Goldust regalia and not the other way around.

9. She overcame an eating disorder

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of information out there about Alexis Kaufman, the real-life person behind the Alexa Bliss character. She was approached by the WWE at 21, so it’s easy to understand why she doesn’t have a huge number of stories, but aside from the bodybuilding there’s very little we know. The bodybuilding may have saved her life because she had an eating disorder in her mid-to-late teens. It was so bad during one six-week stretch she lost 30 pounds and had to be rushed to the hospital. She has admitted in interviews that she starved herself to the point it became life threatening. We hope she won’t stay silent moving forward since a lot of WWE’s fans are young girls who may feel like they have to look like the women they see in the ring. Bliss could do a lot of good for a lot of girls by sharing her story.

8. Image is everything

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It’s arguable that Alexis Bliss places more importance on her appearance than her in-ring wrestling, but for someone with so few matches, she needs to accentuate the positive and hopefully improve the negative. Her initial appearance in NXT was very close to a cheerleader with mini pom-poms and the typical skirt that goes along with that sport. She knew from watching wrestling as a child (she states that Rey Mysterio and Trish Stratus were big influences) image matters and she brought that to the bodybuilding world. She was presented as a babyface, but NXT places far less emphasis on the good guy/bad guy model that WWE does. There was no question she turned heel when teaming up with Blake and Murphy. Her outfits also changed with a lot more form-fitting short trunks in gold and silver. The Harley Quinn thing happened when she moved up to the main roster. We’re wondering if they’ll phase that out as Suicide Squad loses some of its popularity.

7. Wrestling was in her blood

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Is Alexa Bliss the average girl? Of course not. She’s a maniacally crazy lady who will stop at nothing to get her hands on the Smackdown Women’s Championship. But when you take out the pigtails and wipe the makeup off her face, Bliss returns to the real-life world of Alexa Kaufman. She’s very beautiful, but nothing like her character. People outside of wrestling often wonder what brings a woman into that world. Despite not having a background on the indies, Kaufman jumped at the chance to join WWE because “it was something that me and my family always got together and bonded over,” she said in an interview. When the opportunity arose, she saw it was fate and figured that all of the gymnastics, bodybuilding and other sports she’d participated in prior to the offer were just preparation for her role as the sexiest woman you’ll find on TV on Tuesday nights.

6. Still a fox sans makeup

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There are some terrific lists on TheRichest that compare what a celebrity looks like with makeup to what they look like without and the difference is staggering. A good looking person often turns into somebody you wouldn’t want to sit next to on a crowded bus. Here’s the difference with Alexa Bliss/Lexi Kaufman. Like those other celebrities she looks very different without makeup when not in full-on Alexa Bliss mode. You probably wouldn’t recognize Kaufman going through the aisles of the supermarket. But you would notice that girl because Lexi Kaufman is smoking hot. Look at those eyes. Look at her makeup free face. She looks incredible. If the WWE ever decided to move away from the cosplay stuff, they could present a very natural looking Lexi Kaufman and fans may find her sexier as herself than they ever did when she was heavily influenced by Harley Quinn.

5. She looks hot even when not trying

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There’s something about watching a beautiful woman when she’s just being herself. We’re not talking about stalking, just sitting around seeing them in a candid setting. You don’t get to see celebrities in these situations very often. When Kim Kardashian just “happens” to be at the beach, it’s amazing how many photographers show up with the kind of equipment you don’t bring to the beach on a whim. It’s not like a regular bikini shoot because they’re all trying to make us think Kardashian is an average woman who enjoys the beach like the rest of us. In the photos we’ve seen of Alexa Bliss, there isn’t the phoniness you find in so many of those “candid” celebrities shoots. The WWE featured a photo spread with some of the lesser known female talent just starting in the WWE or still at the NXT level enjoying themselves around a pool. Of course the situation is staged, but it looks like they just told them to have fun with it. You can see our favorite photo from that shoot above. Something about Alexis’ mouth in this one.

4. She’s a real-life superhero


We like our women to be beautiful on and off the screen, but we also want them to have the kind of quirkiness to always make life interesting. When we stumbled upon this photo of Alexa Bliss, we just had to wonder what the time leading up to it consisted of. There she is, just chilling with her dog and presumably watching television. Nothing strange…except for that Superman costume. What reason does Lexi Kaufman, away from the ring, away from the fans away from a public forum, have to dress like Superman, including the cape. It’s weird, right? But it’s sexy weird. Was she just doing a little cosplay? Was she waiting for her boyfriend Matthew Adams (known to fans as Buddy Murphy) to put on his Batman outfit to go trick or treating? We’ll never know because we’re regular people who aren’t privy to the private world of Lexi Kaufman.

3. Her plan was to be a princess

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Mick Foley and Alexa Bliss have something in common. We’ll give you a second to try to guess what that could possibly be, and it’s not the same hairstylist. Give up? They are both huge fans of Disney. As Lexi Kaufman was first forming her character early in her NXT years, she has said in interviews that when she looked for information, she kept going back to the world of Disney. Remembering they were called divas at the time, Kaufman said her plan was to be “The Disney Diva”. When she was playing what most of us thought was a cheerleader character, she saw it as being a Disney princess, specifically Elsa from Frozen. Now that we know that we can actually kind of see it. The alignment with Blake and Murphy chopped the princess character off at the knees, but once she’s through with the Harley Quinn tribute, we hope she’ll look back to Disney because, frankly, some of those princesses were as smoking hot as Alexa Bliss.

2. She knows how to play the system

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Alexa Bliss has had one of the strongest debuts of any of the women who found a spot on the main roster when it split into two completely different shows. She didn’t get a lot of time to shine as a wrestler in NXT, serving as Blake and Murphy’s valet/manager. In that role, she was adequate, but that job is to make the wrestlers you’re out there with look good. She couldn’t help outshine the former NXT champions a lot of the time and we’re guessing that’s one of the big reasons she’s working with one of the two big shows while since breaking up as a tag-team, neither Blake nor Murphy has seen very much success. We’re not suggesting teaming with them was a mistake because until that point, she was just one of those women thrown out there who got the occasional win, but was mostly fed to the bigger stars. She bided her time and it’s paying off.

1. Look at those legs

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When Lexi Kaufman was first signed to a contract with NXT, it was met with a lot of yawns. She was seen as just another fitness model who had no experience on the independent circuit and the only two people that had ever worked with her have been Trish Stratus and Charlotte. Taking one look at her body-building photos from back when she was 20 years old, you can see exactly what the WWE saw in her. We’re guessing they saw a smoking hot set of legs. We’re guessing they saw a butt that would have made the sexiest diva from The Attitude Era envious. We’re guessing they saw a girl with a smile that could melt an iceberg. There are so many examples of the WWE hiring someone who seems to make sense on paper but just underperforms. Alexa Bliss is not one such woman. She’s beautiful and a damn good wrestler, too.

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